Cridhe Crois-Shlighe :: Digital Skills

Diagram of a heart that could be an island with coloured lines flowing in and out of the form

Digital Skills Service

This service was set up to ensure people on the islands of North Uist, Benbecula and South Uist would have access to classes in programming and digital skills. The program of activities consisted of:

  • Regular Curriculum Support in Schools
  • Regular After School Code Clubs
  • Fortnightly Evening Classes in Python at Claddach Kirkibost Centre
  • Weekly Evening Classes in Python at Lews Castle College, Benbecula
  • Weekly Evening Classes in Javascript at Lews Castle College, Benbecula
  • Monthly Coder Dojo at Claddach Kirkibost Centre
  • Monthly technology meet up at Claddach Kirkibost Centre
  • Collaborations with local organisations and service providers

The project delivered digital skills learning to over 200 people in the islands throughout 2019-2020. This site features a small sample of the work produced in that time.